Marie "Murray" Harris


LivOregon Real Estate

974 NW Riverside Blvd. Bend, Oregon 97703

Murray is an upbeat and passionate broker with a background in high-end resort development and client entertainment.  She spent several years on the island of Kauai, as an adventure guide and luxury concierge.  While entertaining investors and ensuring them a seamless vacation, Murray developed a drive to provide her clients with memorable experiences, connection to the their surroundings, and a sense of place in where they call home.  

Aside from real estate, Murray is also a clothing designer, world traveller, and an avid outdoors enthusiast, with hobbies such as hiking, mountain biking, and spending time in the water. She enjoys exploring the beautiful marvels of nature in the Cascades, as well as testing out the newest restaurant, food truck or coffee shop. She pours her heart into her two children and you may find her attending many sporting events and dance classes.

As a real estate agent, Murray's passion lies in helping people find the property that checks all the boxes on their list.  Murray has a keen eye for detail and keeps a strong eye out for opportunities and unique properties.  She keeps up on the local market trends, and will always have her clients’ needs as a top priority.  

With a warm and friendly demeanor, Murray is committed to providing exceptional customer service and making the home buying/selling process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, Murray has the knowledge, expertise, and passion to help you achieve your real estate goals.