Jodell Born


LivOregon Real Estate

974 NW Riverside Blvd. Bend, Oregon 97703

Jodell fell in love with Bend when she moved here in 2003. Born in Minnesota, she has a deep appreciation for the 4 seasons as well as access to lakes and rivers, and Bend has so much to offer for her love of the outdoors!

She has been involved in Real Estate for over 15 years. Surrounding herself with a network of investors as well as first time home buyers has helped develop her interest in real estate sales. Jodell works and lives on the West side of Bend and loves the community of business owners, locals, and visitors. She has spent the past several years helping to save and remodel some of the old mill homes in Bend and loves the challenges that it brings.

The history of Bend is truly special and Jodell enjoys helping to preserve it and share it with others. She is passionate about helping people find a home or investment that fits their needs, and will go above and beyond to make sure her clients are satisfied and happy!